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 Dectection of Breast Disease & Organ Dysfunction

Services Provided by Mobile Thermographic Imaging

  No Pain * No Radiation * No Compression * Early Detection 

What is Thermography?  

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging also known as Thermography is a completely non-invasive physiological (or functional) screening that monitors temperature variations and blood vessel alterations produced by the earliest changes in tissue physiology.  This unique capability allows for the detection of unhealthy tissue activity, pre-cancerous activity, and signs of cancer at an extremely early stage, often times before  'structural' screenings such as MRI, X-ray, or mammogram will detect them. 


How can Thermography help you?

Imaging of vascular issues and unexplained pain can help pinpoint the origin of the issue.  This can help the surgeon to treat the problem with minimal intervention due to the accuracy of the localization.  Thermography can help to visualize the pain when other tests fail to find the cause.  As a tool for stroke prevention, thermography can help indicate inflammation developing in the carotid arteries due to the C reactive protein which can lead to stroke and heart disease.  Thermography screenings can also be used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as for monitoring therapy progress for conditions and injuries such as fibromyalgia, pain disorders, arthritis, digestive disorders, skin cancer, inflammation, circulatory issues, and more...  Thermography - It will assist in the early detection, intervention, and prevention of many diseases.  We think that's a good thing...


Your Thermography Results

Results are reported by certified medical doctors and include color images taken during your test. The first session provides the baseline of your “thermal signature”.  A second session 3 months later checks to see if the patterns remain unchanged, with yearly thermograms suggested thereafter.

The Facts pertaining to Thermography...

- Safe, easy, and pain free

- No radiation exposure

- FDA registered

- No compression of breast tissue

- Effective for breasts of all sizes

- An aid for diagnosis and prognosis

- Creates opportunities for early intervention

- Effectively and safely screens breast with implants

- Useful for evaluating chest wall after breast susrgery

- Monitors therapy progress for conditions and injuries

- Detects changes in tissue from the smallest of tumors

- Provides information about fibrocystic activity and inflammatory breast cancer

Thermographic Imaging is useful for detecting these issues and more...

- Inflammatory Pain

- Referred Pain Syndrome

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

- Artery Inflammation

- Arthritis

- Whiplash

- Headaches

- Back Injuries

- Skin Cancer

- Fibromyalgia

- Breast Disease

- Nerve Damage

- Unexplained Pain


- Dental and TMJ

- Disc Disease

- Sprain / Strain

- Vascular Disease

- Digestive Disorders

- Stroke Screening

* Beneficial for all women including:
  Dense or Fibrocystic breasts, Implants, Mastectomy, Reconstruction, and more...

For more information visit www.atlanta-breast- thermography.com

THIS ---->https://artoflifewellnesscom.chiromatrixbase.com/our-services/thermographic-imaging.html

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